----- Photography -----
1. What got you started in photography?
I started with modeling and quickly found an interest in concept development. I felt photography would allow me to achieve full potential of concept development and accentuating the mood. I aim to provide a supportive environment where all collaborators are heard and respected. I am still new in my journey and look forward to learning and growing.
2. What can I expect when working with you?
I believe in direct communication and transparency. I have seen too many instances where expectations were not clarified in advance and led to disappointment and hurt feelings. For each project we work together in; roles, expectations, timeline, policies and limitations will all be clearly defined in advance. This is so everyone can make their best informed decisions. The polices are designed to keep everyone safe and avoid uncomfortable situations. You can expect me to be focused and enthusiastic about our collaboration.
3. What is your viewpoint on editing?
We all know of how photo editing can lead to unhealthy, unrealistic body and beauty goals. Keeping this in mind, I am very cautious in body/facial alterations. Generally I keep modifications of the subject to a minimum such as removing acne or making clothes look better fitted to the body. In contrast, I may make drastic changes to coloring or add artificial elements to enhance mood.   
4. What genres do you not do?
I do not do weddings as I would recommend someone more experienced and specializes in weddings.
5. Where are you located?
Sacramento, California, United States.
6. What's up with the images that say "VOGUE" on them?
Vogue Italia has a Photo Vogue website where anyone can submit. The website accepts a wide variety of images ranging from nature to portraits. Some of the images I have produced have been accepted to the website. This is different than the Vogue magazines.
7. Who are the photographers you look up to?
Mark Daughn is a phenomenal photographer and producer that have been a large part of my photography journey. I admire his ability to portray different moods and his in-depth understanding of lighting and concept development. I also enjoy the works of Steven Meisel, Annie Leibovitz, Ali Mahdavi, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Brandon Ellis and Linda Drake. Linda gave me valuable opportunities to shoot alongside her, which helped me gain experience in the beginning.

8. What has been your biggest inspiration to style?
I believe my photography style is very much influenced by Korean gaming art I grew up with. I loved the larger than life portrayal of characters, meticulously designed costumes and props, and interaction with the surroundings. One artist I admire is Hyung-Tae Kim (game illustrator).
9. As a self taught photographer, which resources do you recommend?
Learning: Pro Edu, The Portrait Masters
Tools: Photoshop, Capture One, Infinite Color Panel, Retouching Academy Labs Beauty Retouch Panel
Not recommended: Like everyone else, I bought a lot of presets in the beginning but found them limiting in what I can apply to. I would recommend Infinite Color Panel that gives you a wide variety of style ideas instead. 
----- Others -----
1. What is your main work outside creative?
I am a mental health pharmacist.
2. What are your hobbies?
Martial arts, dance, collecting vintage clothes and accessories that I frequently use for styling, and reading Korean webtoons.

3. What other creative work do you do?
Modeling, makeup artistry

4. Who are the creatives you admire?
Videographer: Steven Klein
Illustrator: Hyung-Tae Kim
Makeup Artist: Roshar, Pat McGrath, Nick Lujan, Rae Morris, Hung Vanngo
Designer: Alexander McQueen, Mugler, Creepy Yeha, Michelle Hebert, Haenuli, Miss G Designs, Alex Streeter
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